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Makeup Addiction is a very popular cosmetics company in the U.K. With over 1 million Instagram followers and growing in demand. We are excited to partner up with them, because we love their quality. Also we wanted to bring this to our customer here in the U.S. to save our customers from converting money and paying for extra shipping.

"Makeup is not just a chore, it's a lifestyle as well as an art form. We live and breathe Makeup. Like you, I am truly addicted to fabulous Makeup and that was one of the main driving factors for me to take the leap of faith and start my own business.It wasn't the only factor, as I wanted to create a brand which offered high end products without the high end price tag. And at MADD Cosmetics, that's just what we stand for. The difference with us, is that we love to give the personal touch. We trial all of the products in house before we release them out to the market, this way we can always guarantee their quality and application." - Djimbi Djevdet, founder of MADD Cosmetics